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Mensagem  BLACK_EYE em Sab Mar 10, 2012 1:40 am

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Olá eu estarei começando a informar as atualizações que o GarryNewman posta no seu site.

O Garrysmod já está na versão Beta13

muitas mudanças ocorreram....

uma das coisas que está sendo trabalhanda no momento e o novo sistema de addons do Garry´s mod
ao meu ver entendi que Newman vai usar o novo sistema da steam que é a (STEAM WORKSHOP)

confira o video

como podem ter percebido no video ate o menu principal do game mudou.
novas ferramentas foram adicionadas como o Bone Manipulator

novas mudanças estão ocorrendo tanto na interface quanto na engine do game .

Aki estão os logs de atualização dele:

Update13 02\03\2012
•Turn off fullbright when loading a map if it’s lit
•Removed sv_gamemode, sv_gamemodeoverride
•Added ‘gamemode’ console command
•Should now be able to derive from more than 2 chained gamemodes
•sbox_plpldamage changed to sbox_playershurtplayers (to make things more clear)
•Fixed double lag compensation errors when shooting glass
•Added more spawnable NPCs
•Added HL2 Items and Weapons
•Removed GetGamemodes()
•Removed GetAddonList()
•Removed GetAddonInfo()
•Added engine.GetMountedGames()
•Added engine.GetMountedAddons()
•Added engine.GetGamemodes()
•Added cam.Start( table )
•Fixed Matrix errors Msging instead of Erroring
•Added Entity:GetNumPoseParameters()
•Added Entity:GetPoseParameterName( i )
•Added PhysObj:GetMesh() (returns table)
•Added gameevent.Listen( event_name ) (game event will then travel through hooks)
•Fixed workshop dialog showing forever if not subscribed to any
•Fixed server browser not showing any servers
•Fixed loading screen Lua errors
•Changed VGUI draw order so popups can be seen under other popups
•Fixed killicons not showing properly
•Fixed fonts getting corrupted
•Fixed SLAM selection icon missing
•Added map icons from UberMunchkin
•Fixed addon system struggling with filenames with double slashes
•Switched weld mouse button actions
•Fixed options dialog being odd
•Added extra errors to Holly to catch vid errors
•Fixed addons not extracting properly if the compression is too awesome
•Added error to net.Start if message name not pooled
•Fixed monitor render targets being wrong on low resolutions
•Fixed toytown missing bottom row
•Fixed player falling through props with prediction errors
•Linux build now works
•Fixed widget bone lag
•Unclamped face poser
•Fixed F1 invisible help menu
•Added default image to AvatarImage
Update12 17\02\2012

•Fixed monitors being broken in HL2 maps
•Decals no longer remove other overlapping decals
•Can load 7.5 VTF’s
•Can load version 49 models
•Can now browse addon models on spawn menu
•Added render.SetShadowDirection( vec )
•Added render.SetShadowColor( r, g, b )
•Added render.SetShadowDistance( f )
•Added render.SetShadowsDisabled( b )
•Added Entity:GetRenderFX()
•Added Entity:GetRenderMode()
•Added Panel:Show()
•Added Panel:Hide()
•Added game.AddDecal( name, decalmatname );
•Added game.AddParticles( “particles/<name>.pcf” )
•Removed ParseParticleManifest
•Added Entity:ObjectCaps()
•Added Panel:IsChildHovered( iDepth )
•Added game.GetMountedGames()
•Removed GetMountedContent()
•Removed GetMountableContent()
•Added game.GetMountedAddons()
•Added string.StartWith( str, start )
•Added string.EndsWith( str, end )
Beta Fixes

•Fixed erroring out when unable to download a workshop file
•Fixed gamemodes not mounting from addons
•Disabled material re-loading on render target creation [experimental]
•Getting subscribed file list now 14000% times faster
•Fixed crash when loading addon icons
•Fixed not loading scenes properly (such as the start of Lost Coast)
•Maps no longer extracted from addons (can load pack from map, from addon)
•Fixed addons getting removed if offline
•Fixed addon disabling not working
•Added addon download progress
•Clicking the SuperDOF icon will open the superdof window - instead of opening a context menu with a single button.
•Fixed delayed reaction on spamming content/spawn icons due to double click
•Changed content icons
•Fixed game content browsing not working
•Fixed VPK content not browsable
•Fixed case where files weren’t found in addons because of caps
•Fixed case where folders containing only folders inside addons would seem not to exist
•Fixed infinite loop in DTileLayout
•Fixed dedicated server
obs: peguei apenas esses dois ultimos logs para não ficar muito atrazado e chato a informação.

espero que tenham gostado!!

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